Tiger Driving School offers a state certified Defensive Driving Course

This class consists of 6 hours of classroom instruction. We have one class per month. You must attend both days, as each day is 3 hours long from 6-9pm both nights.

The cost of the program is $50.00 cash or credit card. Payment is collected on the first day of class or when you register online.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at (918)806-8888.

Why Would Someone Need A Defensive Driving Class?

If a ticket was received and points were added to your driving record, this course will reduce your record by 2 points. (for point reduction, this class can be retaken every 2 years)

  • If court ordered, this course will prevent points from going on your driving record.
  • If voluntary, this course is taken to receive discounts on insurance (5-10% savings per person who takes the course, for 3 years)
  • Tiger's Defensive Driving Program vs Online Courses:
  • Tiger Driving School is State Certified and Online Courses are not.
  • Tiger Driving School DD class removes 2 Points from Driving Record and Online Courses do not.

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CALL US AT (918) 806-8888

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